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Power Seeds California Orange Bud

Power Seeds California Orange Bud
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California Orange Bud is an ideal strain for first time indoor growers and for first time cloners. Indeed, this weed can be cloned in nearly all conditions.

Weed connoisseurs who have already had the pleasure of ordering California Orange Bud, can testify to its sweet orangy taste (yes, it's called "orange bud" for a reason).

Originally an outdoor variety, California Orange Bud was imported into Holland several decades ago. After some refining the result was a strain that grows well both in indoor, hydroponic and greenhouse settings.

Why choose California Orange Bud? It’s easy, tastes good and produces a yield that’s definitely worth your money.

Genetics: Indica 75% & Sativa 25%
Type: Indoor
Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: 475 grams / m2
Indoor height: Around 130 cm

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