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Sensi Seeds - Afghani 1

Here’s something for true Indica* lovers: Afghani 1 from Sensi seeds.

Afghani 1 was developed using only the best Afghani strains. The result is an original Indica with a powerful body stone effect. The Afghani 1 is characterized by some of the darkest leaves you have ever seen on any Indica strain. This plant also produces an enormous amount of resin, which makes it a suitable candidate for hash production.

It should be said that the yield is not enormous. The smell is very strong but with a nice lemony flavour. If you want to grow her indoors without spreading the smell around, be sure to use a carbon filter.

Afghani originated from a very harsh and unforgiving climate. Because it is adapted to such difficult conditions, it can be seen as an extremely easy variety to grow that copes with nutrient problems without problems. This makes Afghani 1 a good choice for beginners. Growers with a bit more experience who bring out the full potential of this plant list her among the best Indicas ever.

*For those who don’t know what an Indica is, here’s some extra info:
There are three original cannabis strains: sativa, indica and ruderalis. Indica plants are known for their very high thc-production. It’s medium-sized (1,5m) and rather bushy, with thick and huge leaves. They need a lot of sun, which is why in Europe they are mostly grown indoors.

Genes: Indica
Flowering period indoors: 45 days
Effect: couch lock, body stone
Taste & smell: lemony odour with a skunky taste
Yield: 125g/plant
Height: 100-130cm

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