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Are you having trouble getting an erection? Or do you simply want your erection to last longer and be harder. But you do not want to take any chemically designed drug?

In that case, Niagra is what you need. This safe and natural aphrodisiac helps you overcome erectile dysfunction and improves your libido and sexual performance. Nor prescription is needed. In fact Niagra has very similar effects so a famous tiny blue pill that you might have heard of. The difference is, that here it's all natural.

Niagra consists of a natural herb blend that helps your body to improve blood flow in the penis, release stored testosterone and boosts the body’s natural hormone production, assisting the body in becoming aroused. Although it was specifically designed for men suffering from erectile problems, Niagra also works for people who are not affected by impotence through enhancing their sexual experience and stamina.[EFFECT] When sexually aroused, erection will set in. Often equal or better results are obtained on the second night, after only one dose.


Depending on the degree of impotence, take up to 4 pills to overcome erection problems. Do not take more than pills within a 24-hour period. For men without erectile dysfunction who are simply looking to enhance their pleasure, 1 pill is sufficient.


If you get an erection that will not disappear, stop the treatment and consult your doctor. If you suffer from serious health conditions that might cause problems when engaging in lengthy and intense sexual activities, please check with a health professional.
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