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Spanish Fly - Hot Passion

Discover the burning desire within you that is just waiting to get out.
One of the active ingredients present in Spanish Fly Hot passion is Yohimbine, al love potion extracted from the bark of the West-African Yohimbe tree or ‘love bark'. Yohimbe can improve erections and enhance lust in men and women. In traditional potions, yohimbe is boiled in water. In Spanish Fly Hot passion, the yohimbe has been dissolved in alcohol to give it a nice edge. You'll see your libido levels rising while a deliciously warm and sexy feeling envelops your body.


Spanish fly improves blood flow to erectile tissue, producing rock hard erections and stimulating the production of vaginal fluids. Two essential ingredients for a night filled with passion.


Put 1 ml (5 to 7 drops) of Spanish Fly Hot Passion under your tongue and let it circulate in your mouth, approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity. Content: 15 ml. Main ingredients: Vitamin C, Yohimbine
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Not too bad. Gets me going for about 15 minutes. Can make your eyes feel like they're burning a bit.Good as a bit of a "top up" to your mood, or for that moment when you need just that bit extra to get you ready/hard/er.

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