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Algerian Blend

Algerian Blend is a mixture of 6 different psychoactive herbs, soaked in the resin of renowned sedative herbs. This produces a smooth and even burning smoke, which is probably the strongest legal smoking mix available.


Mixed with tobacco (50/50) and smoked in a pipe or rolled in a smoking paper. It can also be brewed in hot water as a sedatory herbal tea.


There is an immediate effect, even from a small quantity, however for a stronger effect more will need to be smoked. In a similar way to cannabis the effects wear off after a short time, however the high can be maintained by continued smoking. Algerian Blend smoke is like home grown leaf in terms of strength. It is reasonably pleasant to taste, and if smoked in large amounts it will give an Opium-like high - mellow and relaxing. It is also reputed to enhance dreaming.



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first time i smoked it had little effect, second time when i smoked it with a cigar and the over all effect was stronger and lasted longer still pretty mild though, i think it will get a little stronger if u try it s few times it hits are harsh and nasty hurts a little possibly im hoping to have wild dreams

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