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Mellow - Chilled, Relaxing, Cannabinoid, Mellow
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Tritium blend is made for all who love intense odors, but don´t like it if the odor stays too long. Tritium is as efficient and strong as its two comrades, but the odor goes right through your nose and is absorbed by your mind itself. You will fly away on cloud 9. But don´t worry, you will land again after half an hour of intense fun when the smoke clears.

Anyone in search of the perfect combination of relaxation and energy will want to take a closer look at Deuterium. If you are looking for a clear-headed feeling of relaxation, Protium blend is what you want.

If you are looking to buy blends such as Dutch Orange Mix, Sence or Spice, simply stop looking now ! Tritium surpasses all of them !

Instead of ordering K2, Dutch Orange Mix, Spice or Sence, you’re much better off with an incense mix that is 5 times as effective as K2, 3 times as powerful as sence or dutch orange mix, and even 2 times as efficient as Spice Diamond.

Treat the power of the Tritium blend with respect and it will reward you with unrivalled experiences.


20-40 mg
40-80 mg
80-120 mg


1-2 hours


Not intended for human consumption.

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Really energetic and extremely potent. Effects come very fast, peaks with energy for 15 minutes before it slides into a relaxed mindstate where your body is still filled with energy. That stage lasts about an hour. Then all effects wanishes in just few minutes leaving you as if you never smoked anything at all.