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Shroomgro Combo - Golden Teacher

Shroomgro Combo - Golden Teacher
1 Combo Medium - Golden Teacher + B Plus
Usual: € 95,00
Price € 76,00
1 Combo XL - Golden Teacher + McKennaii
Usual: € 139,90
Price € 114,90
ShroomGRO_GoldenTeacher_01.png ShroomGRO Combo - Golden Teacher ShroomGRO_GoldenTeacher_02.png ShroomGRO Combo - Golden Teacher
Double the shrooms, double the fun! This special offer will allow you to grow one of our featured strains in addition to another favourite strain at an unbeatable price!

These ShroomGRO Combos feature the famous GOLDEN TEACHER psilocybe cubensis strain. Ever so popular with newbies and pros alike, this legendary magic mushroom strain is super easy to grow and produces legendary flushes. The large, fleshy mushrooms are famous for their magical mind-blowing effects and feature a golden cap, hence the name Golden Teacher.

Medium Combo Harvest: +/- 400 grams with each kit within 2-3 weeks.
XL Combo Harvest: +/- 800 grams with each kit within 2-3 weeks.
Multiple flushes are very possible with proper care!
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Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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10 days so I already got the harvest and drying. this was a B + variety and 15 days so the golden teacher went out to grow.


I have buy mushroom from You
And I have doing exactly that You told me to do
Know I have been waiting 3 vec soon and seen Nothing .but I See the white fuzz