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Alegria Amarillo

A new hit just arrived to your favorite shop!

A new-comer famous for its 5-APB component, brings effects such as massive euphoria, increased energy, explosive happiness, ideal for socialising and dancing to music.

Each package contains two doses, sure to make you and your friends euphoric to the max, so get it while you can!


Euphoria, increased energy and mood elevation


1,5 ml
2,5 ml
5 ml


8-14 hours




5-APB (5ml)


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews Alegria Amarillo Share your experience


This stuff is truly amazing. half a bottle and Im in pure happy bliss for a good 5-6 hours. Very easy on the come up and lasts for a good long time. Less energy than MDMA or Amphetamines but a feeling of Euphoria almost unparalleled in the other Alegria's Get it while you can. Amazing product.


Very good. Take alf a bottle and was very nice. One day toke with allegria azul and was intense and likely the real deal. Good stufff

WOW! This stuff is mind-blowing! Very strong and very similar to xtc. Even could not tell the difference. For me it was as strong as 2 pills of xtc. Next time i will drink half of a bottle. The only thing I did not like is nausea and vomiting. My friend had the same. But definitely worth trying!


WOWWWWW!!! Simply mindblowing. I and my wife took half each and had a great time. A bit hard on the stomach, but totally worth it! Explosive happiness, energy, chatty mood, surfing on a wave of joy. Will definitely order it again! Thank you, Shayana :-)

You guys are insane... This stuff is surprisingly good and strong.
First time trying this I took only one third of it and I noticed first effects after 45 minutes. It was a very pleasant ride with no hangover next day. Next time I took half a bottle and it started to kick in after 20 minutes and it was quite intense. Very sociable and enjoyable. It is really long-lasting (9+ hours, depending on how much you take).
I had tried this in my house with some friends and I also tried this in the club. It is great for both situations, gets you talking, dancing and just having a great time!
Shipping was fast and discreet.
Thank you Shayana, you're the best!

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