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Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend

Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend
Mellow - Chilled, Relaxing, Cannabinoid, Mellow
1 gram
Price € 7,95
5 grams
Usual: € 39,75
Price € 34,95
2 x 5 grams
Usual: € 79,50
Price € 62,91
5 grams + Grace Glass Premium Hq Bubbler Kit
Usual: € 184,95
Price € 109,90
4 x 5 grams
Usual: € 159,00
Price € 124,95
DutchOrange_Mix2.jpg Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend Grace_Glass_Premium_HQ_Bubbler_Kit_Green.jpg Dutch Orange Mix - Original Blend
The most powerful mix of herbs guaranteed to produce a euphoric effect comparable to nature's finest.
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Ordered this after I saw the money back guarantee in the e-mail, was fully expecting to be asking for it back. Certainly won't be wanting any money back, will be ordering this again!! Super fast delivery, ordered Monday morning, received Thursday (today), 15 mins after arriving, skinned up, smoked and I'm buzzin. Excellent mix, thanks Shayana!!


kay. dont smoke this pure w/ weed. i am tripping 2hard right now


Tastes AWFUL! But has awesome effects so I'd say give it a go :)


vrai !!! y'a qu'ca qui m'va.. ---------- un petit moins néanmoins, pas de bons de reduc ou frais de ports offerts pour mes anniv.(ersaires)


Wow... impressionant ! J'étais sceptique au début, je m'attendais à un tabac épicé, mais j'ai en fait été plus défoncé avec ça qu'avec de la beuh, tout en chargeant moins. Vraiment étonnant, je recommande


I love it! Tastes fairly good when mixed with tobacco and gives a nice high feel. I highly recommend!


I am soooo impressed with this product if you are a regular herbal user give it a go, it really surprised me I would recommend highly and have re ordered more than once :))))


Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap

Greaat stuff Really really liked it.
Will order this blend again asap


Totally seduced by this mix, you can trust shayana : first delivery on 8days, second on 5. It is a good solution when you got no real weed or hash. Good smelling, and taste. These are different from marijuana but I like it. Effects are similar, at the beginning i would advice to not use a lot at once cause it might surprise even an old smoker like me. Then after several uses, i mean consecutives weaks smoking you might have to put some more into your joints.


Doesn't even burn your throat, i think the taste is nice.


I ordered Dutch Long Lasting on Monday, package received on Friday, of course I tested it immediately. Well, the high lasted 1h1/2 - 2hours, definitively recommended. You better not drive after taking this. Today, nothing special, no hangover or so. Guys, you've got another returning customer !!!!


Great stuff, almost like weed but not as strong. Definitely worth it's money, I recomend this (shipping time was very quick too)!


Its definatel working, and it comes on quite strong, so be sure to start with little. Onset within 10-20 Minutes, and its starts very abpruptly after about 1,5 hours.
Effects are like good weed, better than street-weed from western germany.
BUT: Someone here wrote, after 1,5 hours have assed, you could go back to intellectual stuff. I say: NO! after one jolly and a nap you might have a dinner with your friends and family without anyone noticing anything. But for studying, reunions with coworkers or else, I would recommend not having smoked until a day and a half before. Definitely grills your brain´s higher functions for a couple of days.
Last words therefore: Wonderful, if no real stuff around. Its a great product, smells and tastes okay, kicks in incredibly nice, BUT fries your grey cells for a couple of hours/days.


It was just a test... I was expecting some kind of herb that doesnt have any effect....But I'm really impressed!!! Effects are nice. and pretty close to canabis but a bit different....O wish it could be cheapper!! ;-)


I ordered this about a year ago.. Yesterday i ordered it again ! It's really great, does it's work well.. The next day i had a little hangover from it, but in my job it's better than weed..
Thanks Shayana.


Thx alot Shayana !!! 4days to deliver the package in france i sreally good deal ;) This herb is just a great relacement of weed. The effect is very similar but is shorter (1hour - 1,5 hour). Ths taste is good you can purchase there's no problem.


Just smoked. I put ~ 0,1 g in the joint with tobacco. Smells and tastes like Damiana. This stuff is really strong, but it's nice. I think I will order it again.


good product. not the best but its good. you can order it safely it will work loll. blessings for all.........................................


I'm in love with this stuff!
A great high, long lasting, fantastic. I felt like 15, giggling the day away.
Consider me a regular customer from now on.


At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical.
But I tried just a little bit in a cigarete and its really good. Its good strong.
I will order it again.


The taste is not too bad and the effect is quite strong, more like a sativa, I felt relaxed, had great sensations with music and was energized by the product.

The package of the mix was a little damaged but I didn't lost anything.

Don't put too much the first time, really ;)


I liked the effects. It's stronger than cannabis and has a medium long lasting duration. I prefer it much more than the only other stuff I've tried here called Nepal Ball.


This is a great product, smokes well and doesn't hurt your throat. Very pleasurable herb, gives you more of a physical buzz than mental buzz, your stay high for about 5 hours max and minimum 2 hours high. Would buy again and recommend for first users.


It is fairly strong and tastes great when vaporized. Does anyone know what is the best temperature for that process?


Perfect stuff! Little bit sharp smoke, but effect for me is better than Marry Jane. Buy it! Don't waste your time in doubt! :)


I love this stuff!
I found the effect even better than the one from marihuana.
We giggled like 15 year-olds smoking for the first time.
Consider me a regular customer from now on. :)


Nice blend, it gives a nice high a lot like real weed


Do recommend! Very similar in effects to the real thing though not as long lasting. Thoughts became more creative, improved play on online games and music is beautiful. Don't over do it though as similarily to the real thing theres some comedown and you can feel drained.


Mon choix préféré, très bien servi, avec 5g vous en aurez pour facilement pour 2 semaines si vous êtes un fumeur moyen.


I had high expectations and i can confirm its goof stuff. Surprisingly close to the real thing. Good value for money and fast delivery. Recomended


Bought 2 of these and both came over 1 gram, one was 1.5g :)
I'm a regular green smoker. I put about the same amount in a joint as i would do with the real thing mixed with a little aromatized tobacco. Well i guess it was quite a lot for a first time hit of a new substance. But i must say it feels exactly like a big hit of Mary. It took 2-3 minutes to kick in, it came on pretty fast and hard. Like good quality Mary! I wasn't expecting it to be this good. Will probably order more :)


This amazed me, taste good and feels good man.. I also got a bad trip from this, the effect is better than cannabis.


I was really impressed by this.
You often expect legal herbs not to work, but this was good.
It gives a relaxed but short(10-15 mins) high wich is not necessary a bad thing.
Its perfect for dry times or when u have shit to do.
I actually bought this again, this time with some wild dagga


Absolutely Awesome, best pot i've ever smoked The taste is not that good but, 5-10mn later... u're high as never before. I'm really impressed by the quality... Well thank u guys


... and just when I thought it couldn't get any better with Shayanaians ... This is the real deal, fantastic (somewhat sharp but not that sharp to cough it out) herbal taste, smells really good, not as nearly as invasive as your favorite plant's sweet scent ... Kicks in in a heavy, fuzzy manner, it is heavy on the head in completely different way than Lady Jane. I am a chronic devotee so I can discern the qualitative properties of the fuzz, and I tell you, it is different. Deep, heavy, meditative, contemplative, I really enjoyed it and will surely get me some more ! Half way between Lady Jane and sub-threshold puff of dry Salvia leaves, at least to me.

Arrived fast and nicely packaged, super discreet, all the way down here. Much love to Shayana, as my 1st experiences with you are smooth and flawless. Peace on and tryp responsibly !


That stuff gets you higher than the usual thing. It puts you in a real slow-motion, relaxed state. The best thing is that 1h1/2 later you can get back to whatever you were doing, even intellectual tasks.
However, don't take this at times when you're having negative thoughts. If you're feeling good, then you're going to feel good, but if you feel bad, smoking will fuck your head up for a good hour.


Best stuff to smoke on this website, I definitly recommend it.
If you like to smoke weed, the effect is pretty similar. Of course, the effects last less time, but trust me, this is a good product.
The taste can seems strange at the beginning but you you will like it after a while!


just finished a joint of this. (haven't smoked anything in 3 months) only added 2 fingertip to the mix. and umh: ''DAMN!!! THIS SHIT IS AWESOME!''
and hitting hard. ....


A very nice herbal blend. In some ways it is similar to cannabis. The taste and the smell are okay, but they're not nearly as intense as the good ol' MJ. Plus this doesn't make you cough as hard. At first I was surprised at the quick onset of this mix, plus how stoned it made me feel. The delivery was quite fast too. Definitely recommending this.


Does exactly what its meant to do!!! Cant complain. I'll also be ordering this again. I think that people that medicate regularly will be pleasantly surprised with this product. Doesnt make you feel too down and out. Also as the effect only lasts about 1 1/2 hours, i means you can back to what ever it was you were doing before you took it!!


Great stuff . I liked it. After that I will always do shopping from this site. All questions were answered and guaranteed delivery

thanks shayana !


It's OK but very mild compared to newer blends like Barium. Whereas Barium has a euphoric tint to it, I found this slightly sedative. That could make it better suited to the morning after clubbing when you want to wind down as Barium's energising effect could be annoying. But other than for that, I'm not a great fan. It's the real deal but Shayana has far better things for fun seekers.


this is amasing, I recommend it!


Perfect stuff was impressed by the feelings, maked me smile psychedelic high :P highly recomend


Almost like the real thing. Very good, but I still prefer the nature's creation giving similar effects.


super alternatives au produits illégaux,
un petit peu écoeurant mais vraiment sympa,
je recommande !